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Come, knit hands, and beat the ground

in a light fantastic round.

21 September
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I miss Frankie Boyle D:

Hiya. I am the-ramen-fiend. Nice to meet you =]

I'm strangely patriotic, but to be perfectly honest there is very little to be proud of in Britain. The tea is rather good though. I'll give us that. Everything else is shite.

I've been reading Naruto for about six years now. I wish it would end, or at least get a new author. I'm not especially loyal to any pairing although I really like whoring Sasuke and can safely claim NaruSakuSasu to be my OT3. Itachi used to be my favourite character, but now he's dead and I have yet to replace him. I also have a strange fondness for Chii and Ichihara Yuuko.

I am a tea and coffee whore. I love perfumes. I like shopping and have a real shoe-hoarding problem. I'm quite the socialist at heart and occasionally like to dabble with illegal substances... and I drink and smoke too much.

I hate clubs, and standing outside in the rain to have a fag. I'm not a fan of intolerance, and text language gives me a headache. D:

I'm also a literary snob who likes the occasional shameless smut. 8D

I like Vampire Knight... whenever it comes out... and that's it manga-wise. Ooh. And xxxHolic. On the telly I follow... fuck all. Oh yeah, I watch Shameless, and my friend's House DVDs when I can nab them.

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